Obstacles in Studying

My name is Colin Duethorn and I currently am a junior at Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts. I have passed both FM and P, but not without encountering difficulties along the way. As actuaries we spend a lot of time mitigating risk, but sometimes there’s exposures we cannot account for.


Around a year ago I purchased a month-long subscription of Adapt. I began using it as soon as I purchased it and continued for about two weeks. I was progressing very well and felt a lot more confident in my skills.

Unfortunately, I encountered some serious life events that caused me to miss school and stop studying for two weeks. I had lost focus of my upcoming exam until my other matters had been settled. Once my personal life had resolved itself, I immediately experienced a rush of nervousness because after already having taken the exam once, I knew I still had not achieved a comfortable level of preparedness for the exam. I experienced severe anxiety attacks from the fear of failing and embarrassment as well as money wasted.

However, through using Adapt, even just for a few days, I knew that I had increased my chances of passing the exam. Sadly, my subscription had expired and I still had a week left until my exam. Looking for any sort of help at all, I decided to email the coaching actuaries support team. I expected the worse: to be shut down and recommended to repurchase a new subscription. However, I was both surprised and more so appreciative to have received the answer that I got.

Coaching Actuaries extended my subscription throughout the date of my exam and because of it, I was able to get a 9 on the exam. Instead of insisting on me purchasing an additional week, they listened to my story and provided the support I needed.

Sometimes you prepare as much as you can, but certain obstacles may obstruct your ability to achieve your goals. However, there is always help out there and in this case, the Coaching Actuaries support team was mine.