The Secret to Your Dream Actuarial Job: Part 3 of 3

This is blog part 3 of 3 on how to get your dream actuarial job. Summarizing the 1st two blogs, I encouraged you to find something that you do remarkable. Not a gimmick. Something real. Then, once you have done something remarkable, you need to frame it in a way that gets you noticed.

My third actuarial employee is Jia Bin. Jia Bin had an excellent track record. 100% exam success. Strong academics. Those credentials are good, but not necessarily remarkable. What did Jia Bin do that was remarkable? Jia Bin volunteered to work at my company for an entire summer without pay. Things started a little slow because the right work was not available. However, Jia Bin took initiative to enhance some of my Keynote presentations for Adapt videos. This is where remarkable begins. Jia Bin has a unique combination of actuarial strengths and designer savvy. He took my presentations to a whole new level. Our nickname for Jia Bin is Steve Job-in.

How about you? What can you do that is remarkable? The sky is the limit. Quite honestly, most actuaries don’t think very creatively when planning their career. Thus, a little creativity may give you the “remarkable” edge you need.

Are you an excellent communicator? Make a podcast. Are you especially good working with data? Build a database or spreadsheet. Do you program? Write a program. Are you a reader? Read remarkable literature and share what you learn. How are your networking skills? Find others that have done something remarkable and come alongside. Are you a good writer? Start a blog. Create something real that has value and give it away. Put your signature on it. Make it remarkable. Frame it so that others will not only notice, but they will tell others.

Creating something remarkable is the beginning of developing your own brand. Creating your brand is not a one time event. It does not cease when you get your first job. In fact, it is just the beginning. Don’t think that you need to create an entire branding strategy now that will last for your entire career. Start simple. Think about who you are and what are your strengths. Focus on your strengths and push them to the limit … and beyond.

If you get a job offer, my suggestion is not to be too picky for your first job. Don’t underestimate the benefit of starting. Get your feet wet and get started. Even if it is not your dream job, it is a start. Chances are you will help your employer and you will learn valuable skills. Learn more about your strengths and then see if you can find a different job later that fits your personal brand. But, for starters, get your first job!

Consider the opposite of remarkable. Seth Godin suggests the opposite of remarkable is “very good”. “Very good” is nice, but boring. You won’t get noticed with “very good”. However, if you do something remarkable, others will notice. That will increase your odds for getting a job. If you get a job doing something remarkable, chances are you will like your job a lot more than if you get a “regular” job by doing something “very good”.

With this 3 part series completed, what have you learned that you want to try? Your first step may be simply to respond to this blog. Begin the vision now!