10 Strategies for the Exams

Written by Coaching Actuaries Staff:DSC_0241

1. Split up the questions into 3 sections: easy questions, questions that take time & hard questions

2. Write down important formulas

3. Don’t get stuck on one question for too long

4. Go through all the questions and then come back to once you didn’t answer the first time through

5. Write down important formulas before the exam to help solidify them in your mind (just make sure to throw the paper out beforehand!)

6. Control the clock: leave time at the end for questions that you skipped

7. Summarize the questions in mathematical form

8. If you’re not sure of the formula, try to prove it to be sure

9. Take 15 minutes before the exam begins to write down long formulas you’re afraid you won’t remember when you are nervous

10. When guessing, eliminate answers that are definitely wrong first

Do you have any strategies to add to the list?