Studying: Quality vs. Quantity

Some days I’ll wake up early and head to the library to study for my upcoming exam. Everything feels right. I grab a cup of coffee from the university coffee shop, sit down in an isolated cubby and open up my manual. While this dedication seems great, at the end of the day, I honestly did not learn as much as I wanted to.


While this can purely be personal, I found myself less focused. I was flipping pages back and forth and reading problems out of a book, which did not really simulate the exam atmosphere. While I logged a great number of hours studying quantity-wise, the results were not there.

It finally came down to the point where I had to change my approach. Seeking any help and having heard great things about the product, I purchased Adapt. Although initially the simulation of the real exam was scary, the more problems I did using the software, the more comfortable I became with the whole preliminary exam process as well as the material itself.

One of the benefits I found through using the Adapt software was that my overall quality of studying was better. I found that by simulating the exam conditions and doing problems through a computer, I was more involved and was able to solve more problems. I also was able to do quizzes on the areas I knew I was not as strong in. I remember the week before my last exam I was doing around 30 practice exams, and for certain problems, I was able to do them in less than a minute because I had reinforced my ability in those topics so well.

Although each person’s study habits are different and some find success where others don’t, I personally found a lot of success using the software, and I’d recommend anyone who has hit that “wall” or “plateau” to give Adapt a shot and see what a change in study method can do for you.