Things To Do One Week Before Exam MFE

Written by Tong Teh: DSC_0103

The time has come to push through the final barrier. Your exam sitting is about one week away.

What should you do one week before your exam?

  •  Continue to Practice

Create customized exams with difficulty level ranging from 4 to 6. According to our survey, Adapt exams with these difficulty levels are most representative of the actual exam.

Treat the Adapt exams as the actual exam. Stick to the 3-hour time limit. Refrain from peeking at your formula sheet or notes. Use an SOA-approved calculator.

  • Review the Problems

If you did not get a problem right, review the Adapt solution for that problem. Understand why you did not get the problem right. After that, rework the problem.

If you have questions about a specific problem or concept, use the discussion forum to ask these questions. Our support team will respond to your questions as soon as we can.

  •  Create a Quiz

Based on the results from your Adapt exams, identify your weak topics. Then, create quizzes to practice on those topics.

  • Watch the MFE Review Videos

If the length of your Adapt subscription is 30 days or longer, your subscription comes with free review videos. Use the review videos to reinforce the core concepts covered in the MFE syllabus and clarify the concepts that you are weak at.

Note that due to time and resource constraints, we are not able to make the review videos for Binomial Model and Delta-hedging available in time before the November exam. However, this doesn’t mean that these two topics are not important. In fact, both are important topics to master. We believe that you can master these two topics from working Adapt problems.

If you are interested in knowing about how others have used Adapt to pass this exam in the past, visit this thread on the Actuarial Outpost.

I wish you all the best in your studies!