IOS Apps for P & FM

Written by Alan Lou:

I’m currently a sophomore at UCLA and also a beginner in IOS development. Majoring in Financial Actuarial Mathematics, I began to prepare for the actuarial exams early. In my first year of college, I passed exam P and FM. Now, I’m sitting for MLC and MFE. 640 1136-2

When I was studying for the first two exams, there’s one thing that bothered me – sometimes I forgot the formulas when I needed to use them, and it’s annoying to look them up in books or online everytime. To solve this problem, I took photos of all the formulas and saved them in my phone. Although it did made looking up formulas somewhat easier, it still wasn’t as convenient as I expected.

After passing exam FM, an idea came to me: why not make an IOS app? That will definitely be helpful for me, and for others who are facing the same kind of problems. So, when summer vacation came and I had some spare time, that’s what I decided to do.

I merged a PDF reader into my app and put all the formulas in PDF version. By doing this, users of the app can freely send the files to their email and print them out. I also added some other features: syllabus, sample questions and past exams. I then added a background picture and changed the fonts. The background is a blackboard and the fonts make the words in the app look like they’re written in chalk.

Before publishing the apps, a big problem suddenly came to me – I need to get permission to use these materials from the SOA. I had some trouble getting in contact with them, but I eventually did get their permission. I really appreciate their help and support!

I’ve just added a new feature – exam schedule – in my apps, and it’s still in the review process. The update should be available soon.

If you haven’t passed P/1 or FM/2, you are welcome to download my apps to help in your preparati640 1136-1on. They are called “P Prep” and “FM Prep”. As you can see, it’s a series of apps, and there will be more apps such as “MLC Prep”, “MFE Prep”, etc. Hopefully, I will pass MLC and MFE in my second year, and publish the apps about these two exams by the end of next summer.

Good luck!