What happens after the exams?

Written by Cecil Bykerk, FSA, FCA, RHU, HonFIA:cecil

As a longtime volunteer in the actuarial education arena and as a past President/Chair of four actuarial organizations across the world, I have had many opportunities to address actuarial students as well as individuals who have recently finished their examinations.

The actuarial examinations provide the foundation and background for an extremely rewarding future career. However, the education process does not end there. As I have said many times, “if all I knew about actuarial science was what I knew in 1972 when I took and passed my last actuarial exam, I wouldn’t know enough to do anything in the actuarial field.”

Continuing professional and educational development is critical to anyone’s career. While there are guidelines with respect to numbers of hours and type of CPD, it is up to each person to ultimately decide what they are going to do by way of CPD. And I would also say that the CPD requirements of the various organizations to which you will belong is really not enough. You should do more.

In addition to reading, attending seminars and conferences, etc., one form of development that I strongly recommend is volunteering. I joined an education committee just a few months after receiving my FSA in early 1973 and I am still volunteering some 40 plus years later. One huge thing that you don’t learn from the exams is how to run a meeting. I would say that I have learned that by volunteering. Watching others run meeting well or not so well, and working my way up into leadership roles. It really has been an incredible aid to me in my professional development.

I will just finish by saying, “Good luck in the best career you could have chosen and when you get the chance, Give Back.”