What’s Your Why

Written by Kelly Hendricks:

I ran track at Drake University and one of my coaches had a motto about competing, “What’s your why?”

He thought it was a good idea for us each to have a personal, motivational reason for why we run track, why we wanted to accomplish our goals and why they were important to us. By establishing these motives, it allowed us to have an engrained reason for why we stepped onto the track each time we raced.

This concept easily overlaps with actuarial exams. Why do you want to pass the exams? Why do you want to become an actuary? What keeps you going when you’re out of coffee, it’s 3am you still have 3 more chapters you want to get through?

  • Write your why down.
  • Pin it up above your bed.
  • Tape it to the mirror.

Do whatever you can to remember there is an end to the journey and a reason for the long, hard work you go through each and every day. It’ll be worth it.

So, what is your why?