Christmas Break and Actuarial Relationships

Written by Jeffrey Dagadu: jeff

Christmas is here again. Yippee. By far, this has been my most anticipated Christmas break. It has been a very eventful year. Senior year snuck up on me and the end of first semester examinations hit me like a bolt from the blue. I didn’t see either coming.

This semester has had so many ups and downs; a normal distribution of good and bad mid semester marks, actuarial exam preparations, lectures that were hard to follow, unread lecture notes just days to exams, broken deadlines and promises, thesis meetings with project supervisor amidst some gaming (mostly FIFA 14), one or two parties, and the usual college drama.

Now enters Christmas; a time to make merry and relax, no doubt a very important season of the year. That being said, the word passion knows not of excessive merry making and relaxation. Goals will not permit you to rest. This vacation, as my good friend Mina puts it, I am entering into a relationship with MFE. We are going to be together, for what may seem like a short term; just about 3 months until March when I attempt MFE with two of my best pals, course mates and gurus Kwame Boamah-Addo and Isaac Mills.

We are all in our senior year in the BSc. Actuarial program at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana. Luckily for us, our syllabus is a bit tailored to the SOA examinations. We took a course on Mathematical Models in Finance this semester and covered I’d say about 5-10% of the MFE requirements. Even though it’s a very small fraction, it will be a very good start to ease our “infiltration” into the MFE base, bypassing all the initial new material security access panels with relative ease. And when we break that initial traction, we will delve deep into yet another spell of duels with Actuarial Exam concepts.

To guarantee we finish the entire syllabus and do enough practice problems and Adapt trial exams, we must begin preparations this Christmas break. Without the pressure of any extra school activity, we can soar through the material pretty quickly and get to a comfortable position before the next semester begins. We have the team effort on our side; this team spirit has always been a great advantage that more than doubles odds of success on Actuarial Examinations. Just like CoachingActuaries, group effort raises your odds. In Africa we having a saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We are going through this semester break by building strong lasting relationships; with our families, friends and of course the Exam MFE Material. Fingers crossed that this exam won’t be too different or extra difficult now that both SOA and CAS do not jointly sponsor it. Wish us luck!