My Reflection as a Student Ambassador for Coaching Actuaries


For the past four months, I have represented Coaching Actuaries as a campus ambassador. It was a mutually beneficial experience, as I was able to spread the brand of Coaching Actuaries and Adapt, a product that has helped my study efforts immensely, but I also have gotten to experience the business side of the exam sitting process of the actuarial profession. Often, Actuarial students take the manuals and the other study resources for granted because they are so focused on passing the exams. It was refreshing to be on the more relaxed side of the process, and helped me mold my perception of the actuarial profession.

Within the role I distributed handouts and study sheets, hung-up flyers, sought out potential questions writers, and wrote blogs as well. It never seemed like work, and felt rewarding being able to point people in the right direction for their current study goals. Some people needed just a one week pass, others needed manuals and flashcards.

I think the most rewarding part was being able to see the referrals come to fruition from learning that they found the software very helpful in passing their exam.  From personally going through the rigorous study process, it was nice to know that I was able to help others get through it. You do not however need to be a Coaching Actuaries ambassador to help a fellow actuarial student. I used to refer people to Adapt before I had become an ambassador because I knew how much it would help them. In the future, I hope you help others through referral.