Study Habits + The Subconscious Mind

Written by Chloe Hung: 562595_10150730086626709_772475060_n

I read a book about the power of our mind and learned the mind is composed of three parts: the left-brain, right-brain and the subconscious part. Most of us tend to ignore the subconscious part of our mind. We all know that it exists, but we rarely pay much attention to it. The book taught me that controlling the subconscious mind to work in cohesion with the left and right brain is the most important way to achieve success.

I realized that learning how to control the subconscious mind can actually change the way you study for actuarial exams.

Looking back at the studying methods that I employed previously for my exams, I realized that I liked to study at night right before I slept. This is because I was previously told that memorizing formulas before you slept would ensure a higher retention rate as compared to memorizing it during the day. This has been embodied in my subconscious mind since I was young which explains why I like to stay up late to study. This method of studying has become a habit to me now. I subconsciously plan to stay up late to study whenever I have an exam coming up.

This shows that having control of our subconscious mind can actually help us to change bad study habits.

Many actuarial students face the fear of exams when studying. I believe that we can overcome this fear by gaining control of our subconscious mind. The fear is always due to the subconscious mind running uncontrolled. Questions such as “What happens if I fail this exam?” or “What if something that I did not study comes up on the exam?” run in every students mind when they are sitting for an exam.

Giving up after failure is also a result of the subconscious mind. But, learning how to control the subconscious mind is possible. I believe that we should learn how to do it as this will give us the persistence to pursue our goals be it our actuarial examinations or career goals.