Work, Exams & School

Written by Valerie Hubis:

If you’re working a job and attending college, studying for actuarial exams can feel like too much work to fit into your already busy schedule. Here are five quick tips to keep it all under control!

  •  Keep organized. It may sound simple, but at one point or another, we all make mistakes that could have been avoided by pre-planning and scheduling time wisely. An easy way to keep it together is to use technology to update your calendar and notes so that you can view and edit plans at your desk or on the go. Setting timers and alarms for yourself helps limit the time you use to study for each class, for your exams, or even for your study breaks.
  • Communicate. Let your manager know that you are preparing for actuarial exams. Most of the time, they will be understanding and you can come up with a plan that works for the both of you. For example, ask if you can study during your downtime or keep a note sheet with you to study as you work. Remember, though, that when you’re at work, you’re being paid to work, not to study. In a work environment, always have your work duties be your first priority.
  • Manage stress. As a working student, you may feel like you’re always working under pressure, and you can expect to get stressed out. Take control over your stress by creating some quiet time for your brain where you’re not thinking about work, class, or exams. Avoid studying on the bus or in the car, while eating, and during your bedtime routine to give your mind some rest. Also remember to take study breaks and keep active and eat healthy to keep your body going.
  • Know your stuff before you sit. Don’t waste your money and the hard work you did to earn it by not going into your exam feeling prepared. If you’re paying for your books and study materials, use them to their full extent and get your money’s worth out of them. Doing an extra practice exam (or a few) never hurts! Wait to pay to register for your exam until you feel confident in your knowledge. Your mind and wallet will be happier for it.
  • Keep your goals in sight. While working and attending classes isn’t a challenge many students accept, keep yourself motivated with the reason why you’re putting yourself through it in the first place. Whether you’re working to pay for college, to save up money to use after college, or working to support your family, know that your future as an actuary is a bright one, and you will be able to look back and be proud yourself for all the hard work you did!