Successful Thinking

Written by Chloe Hung: 562595_10150730086626709_772475060_n

Someone once told me that the mind is like a garden. The thoughts that we have are like the seeds in the garden while the type of thoughts that we harbor are like the nourishment for the seeds. Good nourishment provides us with a garden filled with blossoming plants, which is good for us. Bad nourishment on the other hand, kills the seeds in our garden and fills it with weeds and inedible plants.

Now, try to replace this garden with you own mind.

Positive thinking is like good nourishment for the mind. The result of positive thinking is increased self-confidence, happiness and unending success. Negative thinking as we now know is like bad nourishment for the mind. And the obvious result would be a decreased level of self-confidence, unhappiness and failure. Which type of garden would you like to grow?

The key to harvesting a good garden is good fertilizer, which means that positive thoughts will result in a healthy mind. Negative thoughts are poisonous to the mind. It is equivalent to the poison that kills the plants in our gardens. These negative thoughts stop us from dreaming big.

We all had big dreams when we were young but as we grow older, our dreams are clouded by worries, self-doubt and negative thoughts. These kind of thoughts then slowly change our personality over the years which then result in failure to achieve our goals. Even though many of us realize the dangers of negative thoughts, I realized that it is always much harder for us to harbor positive thoughts.

The best way to plant these positive thoughts in our minds is to take responsibility for any negative things that may happen to us. Trying to blame others for something bad that happened would just encourage more negative thoughts. Knowing why we want to achieve a specific goal is also a big help. Most of the time, we are just asking how to achieve something instead of why. Having a solid and strong reason to achieve our goals would make it much easier for us to think of how we can we achieve those goals and mold our thoughts in a positive direction.

But most importantly, we should never be afraid to dream big because this is the best positive thought that anyone can ever have. Dream as big as you can because when you know why you want to achieve those dreams, they will come true!

So don’t be afraid. Remember that whatever you think about on a consistent basis, good or bad, must become your reality. You can actually change your reality by changing your thinking.