Staff Additions to the CA Team

Normally, making staff additions or changes is not newsworthy. It’s always been my opinion that we exist to serve you, the customer. Thus, if we add to our staff, hopefully that translates to better products and services to you. But, outside of that, I figured most customers wouldn’t care. However, this is not a normal staff addition. This is a staff addition on steroids!

Coaching Actuaries, and our parent company, SALT Solutions has created an internship program that allows actuaries an opportunity to work with us, providing value to the company, and, hopefully, enhancing their careers. We have had several wonderful interns over the years. Because of the increased demand to create more and better content, we are in a position to add several of our interns to our employment staff. The additions to our employment staff include:

Lee Ping Chong has established herself as our gold standard video creation expert. Her research in understanding the details of the video makes her videos second to none.

Lawrence Hii’s primary focus has been consulting. However, he has made significant contributions to creating videos for Coaching Actuaries.

Jonathan Lai is our primary support for exam P/1. If you have taken the exam, I’m sure you have seen his responses on the forums. Jonathan also assists with all aspects of our P/1 content creation.

Fang Kai Lim will use his actuarial, video and computer science skills to assist with our consulting projects as well as creating videos.

Kong Foo Pang provides various services to Coaching Actuaries as well as our consulting work. For Coaching Actuaries Kong Foo assists with Adapt C/4 problems as well as create videos.

JeeMin (Erika) Yang has several areas of contribution. Her main focus is to assist in creating videos. She also helps import and fine tune Adapt problems. Erika is also a frequent Coaching Actuaries representative when we visit college campuses.

These actuaries began as interns starting from the beginning. The internship program has provided an opportunity for actuaries to get experience while learning from the Coaching Actuaries team. Our current internship list includes Miaoting (May) Yang, Esther Yu Ning Cheng, Baron Cao, Edwin Tan and Jason Lai. We recently added Chloe Hung and Kevin Blessing to the internship team. Coaching Actuaries is making a big step forward by adding David Derong to our staff as a video expert later this spring. Also, Yeng Chang joins our actuarial staff team this summer.

We are passionate about creating great content for actuaries. Obviously great content doesn’t just happen. That is why we are committed to hiring top talent to coach you on your actuarial journey.