Introducing Coaching Actuaries P Music Video

Let’s face it. Studying to become an actuary is a lot of work. I thoroughly enjoy being an actuary and coaching others to become actuaries. Through all the hard work, once in a while it is good to be creative and have some fun. The team at Coaching Actuaries put together a video celebrating the journey of becoming an actuary. For many, the journey begins with exam P. Thus, we created a video to uplift and motivate P students. The video has pictures of many of the actuaries we have met the last several months. Most of the pictures have been from our journeys to actuarial programs in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and even our home state Iowa. Of course, some of the photos include our staff at Coaching Actuaries.

The music is provided by Brian Day. Brian recorded his first CD last year in Nashville. One of the songs he created is called “Down on the Farm”. We used the melody from this song. I wrote the words to fit the melody and Brian graciously sang it. You can view the song at If you are interested in more music by Brian, check out his

See below for the lyrics. Enjoy P students and future actuaries!


Verse 1

Last night was dark, today I see the light

With Bernoulli, Bayes, Chebyshev – alright

Counting all day, permuting all night – Exam P1.

Livin’ in a world of survival rates

I must be discrete to join the greats

CDF, PMF are my dates  –  Exam P1.


Well, I’m passing friends, I will not blink

In the way I solve and in the way I think

Call me actuary, Inc.  (with) Exam P1.

I always ADAPT – like the exam

Understanding now, no need to cram

Achieving passing scores can be real fun (with) Exam P1.

Verse 2

I hafta be a deviate, you know what I mean

Being normal in a probability scene

With Rockin’ Coaching Actuaries on my screen – Exam P1.

Independence is cool, leading with a 10

If you wanna get somewhere, you gotta begin

So you put in the work, victory in the end  – Exam P1

(repeat chorus)


What I learn becomes who I am

Risk is on my side, confident I stand

You can’t take success away from me

(repeat chorus)


Random variables – oh, they seem so right