Job Shadowing at SALT

Written by Kyann Brown: Kyann

Being able to job shadow at SALT was a great opportunity for me. When I first arrived, I was given a brief tour of the actuary side of SALT, as well as being introduced to a lot of the different actuaries that worked there. I was able to job shadow under three different actuaries, both on the consulting side and on the coaching side. I was there for about three and a half hours, and every second was definitely worth it. I learned a lot about the consulting business, such as the different software they use, different skills that are needed (the biggest being good communication skills), and the amount of work that goes into each different company as well as how it can vary from company to company.

I also learned about some different probability tables that they use and create, as well as why they are created,  how they are used, and the different math formulas that go into them. I learned a lot of different projects that go into the coaching actuary side, as well as different programs that they are currently using and new ones that they are working on adding. I was given a better idea of classes that I could take, both in high school and college, that would be helpful in preparing me to be an actuary. In addition, I learned a lot of different study habits and guidelines to follow when I go to take any actuary exams.  I learned a lot about different paths that I could take if I became an actuary, and that not all of them have the same job description, and that there are a lot more options for actuary jobs than I thought there were.

I had first heard about actuaries from Professor Rick Spellerberg at Simpson College while I was on  a college visit to the campus. He had brought up actuarial science when I said that I was interested in a career in the math and computer science fields, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. After I had left that day, I did some research on actuaries, and became very interested in the field. I got the chance to job shadow during my speech class at my high school, and I knew that I wanted a more in-depth look at what an actuary does. I was able to contact Professor Spellerberg for some help finding an actuarial company that I could job shadow at. He recommended SALT Solutions Inc., and helped me get in contact with them.

I think that my job shadow experience at SALT was one of the most beneficial experiences I’ve had during high school. It really showed me what a career that I am interested in looks like, as well as all the different routes that I can take in the same field. It helped me decide what I wanted to go into in college, and made me feel more secure in my job choice and major choices now that I had an idea what I would be getting in to.