End of Semester Transitions

Written by Randy Refeld: 1002234_610788708938915_86604121_n

Another semester has come to end. The grades will be in soon, I know I got an A in Categorical Analysis, Linear Algebra, and Actuarial Models. I know I did not get an A in Measure Theory. This is a new experience, as I have gotten an A in every class in grad school up to this point. I am glad I took the course, I learned a lot, and I hadn’t taken the prerequisites for the class, so it should not be a surprise that I did not get an A. I passed the class, and at the end of the day passing classes and exams is what we are interested in.

My next passing date is June 23, 2014. That is a Monday and I am taking Exam FM. I have previously passed Exam P and now I will be adding Exam FM. I have set up my schedule that comes with my Adapt subscription to start my study plan tomorrow and finish on June 1. This gives me 23 days (the schedule recommend leaving about 30 days) to work practice problems. I plan to document my progress each weekend leading up to the exam to have a written record of what it is like to study for and pass (or not) an actuarial exam. For anyone reading this that thinks that is not nearly enough time to learn the material, I want to point out that I took a class last fall over this material, so my study plan will be review of the material.

What does one do when planning a major undertaking like this? The answer is clear, we must clean. My home office is a complete mess because I have been putting everything off this semester. I took yesterday evening to relax and I set aside today to clean. To make my office a neat organized space to learn about the time value of money, annuities, cash flows, loans, bonds, immunizations, options, and investment strategies.

This is a time of new beginnings and a time to reflect upon what has transpired. I have learned many things and still have a lot to learn. I have passed Exam P, but I still have many exams to pass. I will take Exam FM and I have already studied the course material for Exam MFE. After that I will have to decide whether I plan to work as an actuary or finish my PhD in statistics. Whatever I do, I plan to share the process with those around me so they can learn my successes and failures. I would love to see comments from anyone reading this that is also taking FM in June.