FM is Less Than a Month Away, and I’m Not Ready

Written by Randy Refeld: 1002234_610788708938915_86604121_n

Here in the US, we celebrated Memorial Day today. This shows a passing of time, the Indianapolis 500 has run, and The Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village is over. Time marches on, and actuarial exams come and go.

Last summer I worked on Exam P. I was unprepared and failed on my first attempt. I planned on this summer being different. I made a plan and planned to stick to it. I am a few days behind my schedule, but I feel like I can catch up as the material I have upcoming I have a strong handle on already, so hopefully I won’t have to spend too much time on it.

What have I been doing so far? I have been creating quizzes in Adapt as I review sections in my study manual and I have been reviewing the Adapt FM/2 Review Videos. These videos are really a bonus value in the Adapt subscription as I did not count on them being there when I signed up for Adapt, but they have turned out to be possibly as important as the questions themselves. The PQ-TVM method is particularly important as that is not introduced in the book I am studying from. I would recommend watching every single one of these videos to anyone studying for this exam, as they contain a tremendous amount of material in an easy to digest format.

It is also important to make use of all the resources that are available for your study. Here is a simple example of where I failed to do that. I was looking at the website and came across a 31 page pdf that reviews the functions on my calculator that are useful for Exam FM. I decided I should save that to review later. When I started to save it in my FM review folder, it was already there. Because I haven’t been focused on my studying, I haven’t taken advantage of all the material available to me.

Fortunately, I still have close to a month to complete my studying. I am taking the exam on June 23. Today it is May 26, so I have time to keep studying Adapt and reach the goal of passing. Like many things in life, when it feels like something is slipping away you have to decide if it is important enough to grab on tightly and not let go.