Adapt Quizzes

Written by Randy Refeld: 1002234_610788708938915_86604121_n

My FM exam is 3 weeks away as I write this. I have previously written about distractions and being less than prepared; today I am writing about what has gone right in studying. I think most people reading this are familiar with Adapt and have at least considered using it in preparing for an actuarial exam. I think most people use it to take practice tests leading up to the big day. I used it in this way to prepare for Exam P and will probably do that the last week or so before FM.

There is a better way. From reading on sites such as it appears that a very common thing to do is buy a 15-day Adapt subscription leading up to the exam to review the material. While this is a great tool, I believe there is a more powerful use of Adapt.

Creating quizzes over what you are studying while you are studying is very powerful. Using the menu to ‘create a quiz’, you can create a quiz over what you are studying and each problem will have a solution and most have a video solution.

The video solutions are very valuable. Any problems that have proven to be difficult can be worked with the Adapt coaches. When going back over problems I missed on the quiz, I will write down a step and then press play on the video to see if I got that step correct. Eventually I will find the step where I went wrong. After I find the mistake I work the problem from that point to see if I reach the correct answer.

It is also important to take advantage of any other resources you have available to you. I have a great relationship with my professor that taught the financial math class, so he is always quick to respond if I email him asking for a clarification of something in the text or my notes that still is not clear to me.

Besides and their Adapt product, there are many other fine resources online, such as the above-mentioned actuarial outpost. Often it is possible to find help there either from others studying the same material or those that have taken the exam in the past.

I hope everyone out there that is studying stays on track. Remember use all the tools you have available, and keep looking for new ways to use old tools. I am always looking for new ways to study, so if you have a tool or trick, feel free to share it in the comments.