Surely & Early


After passing the Probability Exam this past week I have been looking back at the challenges, tough decisions, and triumphs I have had since beginning my actuarial journey that started over a year ago. Through this process I have garnered experience and knowledge that I hope to pass on to those studying for the actuarial exams.

When committing to the arduous task of studying for actuarial exams, it is essential to understand initially that failure and challenges will arrive surely and early in your process.

About fourteen months ago I came to the decision to pursue becoming an actuary; at the time I was afraid that maybe I wasn’t cut out for the job and that actuarial science was only for the “mathematical elite.” Eventually, I decided to commit and I changed my major to Actuarial Science.

After nine months of strengthening my calculus skills the time had come to begin studying for Exam P. The Coaching Actuaries Deluxe eCourse was an innumerably valuable resource as I prepared for the exam; it enabled me to begin surely and early to study in an effective and organized manner and learn the material necessary and begin to familiarize myself with the types of exam questions I might encounter. After five and a half months of study accumulating over four hundred personal study hours (not including class time in an actuarial science program), I was able to pass Exam P successfully.

The Coaching Actuaries eCourse completely enabled me to take control of my studying; and in order to succeed you have to do the same surely and early.

There are countless resources available at the tip of your fingers thanks to modern technology; be sure to take advantage of these resources surely and early. The earlier one begins studying, the more likely he or she is to recall the information when the time comes. “Slow and steady wins the race” is a good mantra for aspiring actuaries.

When studying, it is important to reinforce what you are learning with quizzes and other question material to help you understand more than just the concept, but also how to apply the concept, because that is what these actuarial exams have been tuned to test. With the Coaching Actuaries Deluxe eCourse I was able to watch my score steadily rise as my time studying progressed.

Studying for the Probability exam was a huge time commitment; I must confess when studying for P, I noticed that every other academic challenge I was faced with seemed to be rather tedious and drawing on study time. Balancing regular school, family, social, and other commitments with studying for actuarial exams can be a daunting undertaking; the organization and concrete goals that Coaching Actuaries gave me was an invaluable resource, allowing me to successfully balance every area of my life.

As most know, actuarial science is surely not an easy career choice! For anyone considering a career as an actuary do so surely and early, it takes putting in the time and effort for a successful start to a your career.