My “two cents” for studying & working in the Actuarial Field

Hello, my name is Fang and I graduated from Drake University in 2012, majoring in Actuarial Science and Information Systems. FangKai__1401727824_69.170.148.114

Although Information Systems doesn’t seem like a popular major to double with Actuarial Science, that and some other factors landed me a job that I love doing, not just another job so that I can earn money to survive.

Here’s my first cent, which is a little background on the “other factors” I mentioned above that landed me this job after graduating. Back in Malaysia while studying in an American University Transfer Program, for our final assignment, our English professor asked us to document a “how-to” topic. My group decided on “how- to make a homemade volcano with coke and mentos”. While deciding on diet coke or regular coke, we took our phone cameras and filmed the whole funny experiment process. We then later compiled it and made it into a video.

Since then, we decided to take out our camera phones for just the sake of making funny videos and posting them on social media.

While at Drake, I was fortunate enough that the president of the Drake Malaysian Student Association was from the same college as I was and he recognized my work with video.

He asked me for a favor to help them make videos for their upcoming Malaysian Night. My involvement with video production during my Drake years was pretty amazing and at the same time I was able to make a few wonderful videos.My luck continued when one of my course’s professors told us that we could make a video regarding Actuarial Science to earn extra credit. Needless to say, my friends and I signed up right away and planned the making of this video for weeks! To our surprise, our video got quite the recognition from around the world!

And it did not stop there, during that period, the company I’m working for now was actually looking for someone who could create videos for their Actuarial educational products. A peer that was currently working there introduced me to my employer and he decided to call me in for an interview. I have a blast working there and at the same time I learn a lot! That, to me, is a great way to start a career after graduating.

So in conclusion to my first out of two cents, this is what I always tell/advise to anyone that’s still studying. Do what you love to do, get involved in as many activities in college as possible, and have a blast. Of course you’ll also have to study hard and try to pass a few exams!

You’ll never know how you’ll get spotted by employers, even by doing something that might not be related at all to your major. In the end, you’ll learn a lot by just getting involved and if you’re lucky you’re able to work at a company doing what you love. For me, it’s math, coding and of course, video.

My second cent will be about why learning coding is important even when you’re going to work in the Actuarial field.