Using Adapt as a Game

Written by Edwin Tan: Edwin

Ever played a game called Adapt? A game where you test your skills against monstrous equations, diabolical problems, and on top of that, accomplish the mission of leveling up within a restricted time period? In this environment, we gain experience by defeating these “monster” equations and prepare ourselves for the final battle, the exam itself!

Having been introduced to Adapt has aided me on my journey to preparing for exams. Practicing for an exam has been much less agonizing and the hours go by much faster. I personally prefer knowing how to conquer a problem from the moment I lay my eyes on the information thrown at me. Thus, encountering more questions introduces more techniques to tackle a question.

In addition, rather than sitting through countless hours of random sample questions, Adapt throws a set of questions at you based on your level. As we progress through the levels, you are introduced to harder questions depending on what you can handle. In time, you’ll learn more techniques to beat even the toughest of questions in Adapt. In a different perspective, Adapt prepares and watches you grow from an amateur to a strong knight in shining armor before the final battle.

So, next time you use Adapt, play it as a game!