Should you get a Master’s Degree?

Written by Alexis Wahad:image

Everyone knows that the passage of exams is important in the actuarial field in order to further your career, but what about furthering a degree?

Obtaining higher-level degrees in the actuarial field is very selective. There are a few schools that offer the program, and most of those schools have very high reputations: Colombia University, Boston University and University of Pennsylvania are some, just to name a few. But is it really worth the investment to obtain a Master’s Degree in this major, or are the actuarial examinations enough to further an actuary’s career? This is the question I have been debating.

I love school, I have been attending school for most of my life, but I am also excited to join the actuarial Profession. I have been researching a lot about furthering my education and I really love Boston University. In my perspective, the school seems to be the best fit for what I am looking for. I know the school and education I would receive would be worth the money and investment. However, from the job application point of view, it seems that a Master’s degree is not always requested or necessary. It seems that passing exams are the highest priority, along with actual experience in the field. Should I wait until later in life to get another degree?

But if I wait, will I wait too long to the point where I don’t want to go back to school? These are important questions, which I have to brutally answer for myself. I personally feel that a great number of the companies I hope to work for do offer a great education benefit where they will help me attend courses and continue my education. So, there is a benefit to waiting.

On the other hand, I am use to schooling now. I know what works for me: for example, how to do homework so I retain the most information, or how to study to succeed on finals and midterms. If I wait, will I forget these skills? That’s the risk I am taking, if I chose this route. I think it is important for each of us to look into every option that is available. That way, when it is time to make that final decision, we are confident in our personal choice. As for me, right now I am still looking into both options, finding a career and furthering my education. I have not decided which one I prefer but I am sure that when the time comes to decide I will make the right decision.