One too many attempts

Written by Alexis Wahad: image

The first time I ever sat for an actuarial exam was in January 2012 for P. Not knowing what to expect, as we all don’t the first time, I was really nervous; but I felt confident in my education and ability. Honestly, the confidence I had went straight to my head. I did not dedicate the study time that was recommended and believed I would “get lucky” and pass my first try. Well, I was not lucky the first time and ended up failing. I learned the importance and truth behind the exam. The recommended amount of time to study was something that needed to be taken seriously.

The second time I sat for the P exam was 2 years later in January of 2014. This time I studied my butt off (or so I believed). Every day consisted of studying and only studying. I felt confident. I felt like this time would be the time I passed; boy, was I wrong! Even though I felt strong and secure, I still failed. How could this happen? Why? What did I do wrong? 

The more frustrated I got the more I felt that maybe, just maybe, I was going to school and pursuing a major that was not really meant for me. I wanted to prove to myself that I could pass the test and stop feeling doubtful about my future profession, so I took the test again. And this time….. I still failed.

What was I doing wrong? Why can’t I just pass already like everyone else in my school? All the questions were unanswered and I really wanted to give up. I looked up new study material, ideas, and recommendations; that’s when I came across Adapt. I had heard of the program before, but I never really looked into it and researched about the program. I spent a full day investigating and making sure Adapt would be worth the investment. Once I fully learned about the program and study material they had, I felt confident that the program would be able to uncover my problem areas and show me where my strengths and weaknesses were. I used the program as much as I could to really focus on the areas I had problems with.

The day of my test finally came around, and I remember saying to myself “Alexis, this is your fourth try! If you don’t pass it’s time to try another career and come back to the actuarial field later in life.” Well I took the test, and when I saw that preliminary pass I started to cry right there in the testing room! I couldn’t believe that finally I did it. I thought that it was a mistake, or perhaps a joke; I honestly could not believe I finally conquered Exam P. It didn’t take me one time, or two or three, but a fourth time! Four tries to prove that I can pass! Some people may say, oh this person is better because they passed their first try; well, that might be so. I look at my journey as a path showing my determination, and motivation to push myself to my limit and then some. I could have given up, believe me there were times I wanted to, but instead I pushed and moved forward.

Looking back at my journey, I questioned if maybe Adapt was the secret all along. What if I had it the second time I took the test? I probably would have saved myself a lot of money and time. I am so thankful that I found the program. I know that by finally achieving a passing score on one exam, it will be the confidence booster I need to keep pushing me along.

For everyone who’s reading my story about what it took for me to finally pass the test, I want you to know that it’s okay to not pass your exam the first time. It’s okay not to pass the second, third, fourth, etc. As long as you keep trying and you eventually do get the outcome you are dreaming and hoping for, use each time as a learning experience to do better and find new ways to study. I can’t promise that everyone who tries to take an actuarial exam will pass; but I can promise that when you do pass, it will be one of the best feelings in the world.