Site Updates Today (8/22/14)

Written by Paul Ireland, Product Manager:

We are upgrading your experience!

Update 9:48am 8/22 – We apologize for the delay. Our data conversion process is taking longer than expected. We hope to be online by 1:00pm CDT today.

Until then, you can use either this server or this server to access your account but NO DATA will be saved. eCourse progress and Adapt exams will not be saved using these versions, however you can still take exams.

Starting today and continuing over the next few weeks, you will begin seeing a number of changes, including a new look and feel to the website and an eCourse interface that works on tablets and mobile devices.

In addition, we are fast approaching 1,000,000 Adapt exams and our database is growing very large! In order to continue giving you a great Adapt experience we are making some data structure changes to make it more efficient and scalable.

Our new website is also featuring two new Coaching Actuaries solutions. The first is Professional Development, which we will be launching in October. The second is our Corporate accounts, which allow Universities and Businesses to gain more insight into their students who are using Adapt.

If you find any problems or errors, please let us know! If you have comments, questions, or compliments, please e-mail us! We love to hear from our users. Email us at