Actuarial Exams: The Intern Edition

Written by Brittany Baudier: Picture

The first two weeks of my internship were extremely interesting. Within the blink of an eye, my summer in Boston began. I moved from Long Island to a small little apartment on the nosiest street in Boston. I started working full time as an Actuarial Science Intern, began my summer training schedule for Cross Country, celebrated my 21st birthday; Oh and not to mention I studied like crazy for Exam FM. I took it on the 14th of June and Passed (thank god). But it was NOT easy.

My schedule during those first two weeks looked a lot like this: Work by 8:30, home by 5. Run, shower, make dinner, take a practice exam on Coaching Actuaries, sleep… REPEAT.

The most challenging thing about interning and studying was when I got home from work I just wanted to relax. But that was extremely hard considering I had to run and shower immediately to provide myself enough time to study before my head hit the pillow. If I were to work for the company full time, study hours would be provided during work hours. When you are an intern there is no such thing as study hours; you go to work for 8 hours and that whole time you are expected to work on your given project, go to trainings, meetings…etc.

Needless to say I learned pretty quickly that you can’t do it all. Finding time to study while interning is a bit of a balancing act, but if you really want to pass the exam you will push through. I walked around with flash cards in my bag, hung formulas up in my room, and found cool places to study in the big new city that I was living in. Actuary exams are not meant to be easy. But that’s what makes actuaries so extraordinary; we can push our limits, reach our goals, and learn so much more than we expected in the process. It’s amazing how much you can handle when you are determined to see it through.

Now that my exam is over, I have been able to focus on my internship. I still run every day after work, but now I have more time to experience the beauty of living in a new place and meeting new people. I know a lot of interns that are studying for exams at the moment. My advice to them is to be creative with your study habits and take advantage of the time you have. But more importantly find time for yourself and try not to stress out too much!