Adapt and Internships

Written by Damaris Alarcon: IMG_1140

I signed up for the Adapt program because I had taken Exam FM this past June and unfortunately, did not pass. My friend who passed the Exam FM told me that I had covered most of the topics on the syllabus and just needed more practice. She referred me to the Adapt program. I had heard of Adapt through blogs, such as the actuarial outpost – and it was usually followed by positive comments. Even though I had already bought a different study program in January, I signed up for the Adapt program with hope that the practice tests would better prepare me for my second attempt on Exam FM.

So far, I have moved up to a level 4 and my goal is to be at a level 7 by the time I have to re-take my exam. For the most part, I have found the practice questions to be similar to those on Exam FM. While there are some questions that I think will not be in the exam, I answer them anyways because it will only serve to increase my comprehension of the material, especially since the finance section of the exam was not covered by my FM actuarial class.

I took Exam P this past January and passed, and I hope to take the next four (including FM) needed in order to earn my ASA designation. My career goal is to earn a FSA designation. I find this funny because I did not always want to become an actuary. I was initially an economics major, but through my freshman year people kept asking me what I could do with an economics degree and I didn’t have a response until I found that being an actuary was an option. I was very fond of math through high school and the economics classes I had taken my freshman year were compatible with those in my school’s actuarial program, so the transition from an economics major to an actuarial science major was very easy. Furthermore, the economics program and actuarial science program at my school were so compatible that it was easy making the decision to double major in both actuarial science and economics. I am now happily going into my senior year and I am presently looking forward to working in New York as a casualty and property actuary.

One aspect of this field that I am eager to learn more about is the actuarial science industry of design and computer-programming skills. I have some experience with excel, SPSS, Microsoft Visual Studio, and a few others, but I would like to know which ones I should be focusing my time on. Also, is it preferable to take Exam MFE (and assuming I pass) before graduation? I know that it is always good to pass as many exams as possible, but is the struggle of learning the material and paying for the exam worth it? I have had two past internships (I am currently on the second one) so I wonder if that and passing Exams P and FM would be enough to land me an actuarial job.

Any comments or suggestions with respect to my questions are appreciated! 🙂