The Hardest Thing To Do…Is To Do Nothing

Written by Chloe Hung:Chloe

Would you believe me if I told you that one of the hardest things for us to do –  is to do nothing? You may think I sound crazy but consider this: sit on your couch at home for one hour without doing anything. Don’t turn on the TV or surf the internet – just sit there and do nothing. I am pretty sure that after five minutes of inactivity, you may begin to feel agitated and maybe even guilty for not doing anything! Isn’t this a little funny considering that most of us are always complaining about how we do not have time to just do nothing for one whole day?

In reality, none of us could actually sit in one spot for long without something to do. I never actually paid much attention to this until I recently listened to an audio book by Brian Tracy. He said that the key to simplifying your life and reducing stress is to do nothing. When I heard this, I thought that this would be pretty simple to do since I have always wanted some time to do nothing. However, I began to feel really agitated after five minutes of sitting idly. Even though I was always complaining about how much I wanted to just sit and do nothing for one day, I quickly realized that I could barely get through thirty minutes with nothing to do.

So, what is the point of doing nothing? Well, our minds will always start asking us to get up and do something after a short period of inactivity. But, if we push through that stage and do nothing for one hour, we would end up feeling more relaxed and energized. We would actually feel more motivated to carry out our work and our stress level would also be reduced significantly.

You may be wondering then when is the best time for us to actually stop what we are doing to do absolutely nothing? Here is the best answer – it is when we think that we do not have time for anything else in our lives but our work. As actuarial students, it is hard for us to manage and balance our time between the tedious actuarial exams, school work, internships, and family. Many actuarial students feel overwhelmed at times, and many feel that they do not have time for anything else in their lives besides studying and work.

It can be very hard to find time for anything else when there is a lot of studying to do, homework to complete, assignments to finish, and for some – a full time job or internship. Often, twenty four hours in a day doesn’t seem like enough. There are always piles of things that need to get done, and sometimes it can be hard to find time for even our families or friends. In the end, many of us feel stressed out and frustrated.

When we begin to feel like we are unable to stop what we’re doing and spend time with others, is the perfect time that we should stop and do nothing! Even though we may have tons of studying to do, piles of assignments to complete or deadlines to meet, it is a sign that we should stop and do nothing. Simply take a break and do nothing — just sit on your couch and do nothing for at least one hour.

For the first twenty minutes, our mind will try to persuade us that it is a bad idea and that precious time is being wasted, but we should learn to control it and sit through one hour of inactivity. You would be surprised by the result and you may even find yourself wanting to sit down and do nothing for even longer than that!

Sitting down and doing nothing actually gives us the motivation and energy that we need to get through our hectic schedule. As a result of practicing this, our lives will be much simpler and our stress level will be significantly lower. Life as an actuarial student can be pretty stressful which is precisely why we should learn to control our stress levels and simplify our lives to prevent adding more complications to our already packed schedule. As we all know, a stress-free individual is a happy and cheerful person! So the next time you feel that you do not have time for anything else in your life, just stop and do nothing. You will be amazed.