What Causes Your Procrastination?


Programs in actuarial science at universities across the country tend to have a bulletin of required courses for students majoring in this math-centric field. These courses typically prepare (or at least lay the foundation for) students to pass the difficult exams administered. As a student in actuarial science, I was eager to pass the Probability exam on my first try; thus, I started studying for the exam long before my class even began to start preparing me for it. My hard work (and early start!) had paid off and I was able to achieve my goal of passing the Probability exam on my first try.

But then the summer kicked in.

Eager to continue my success with a more applicable topic like Financial Mathematics, I purchased the materials soon after passing Exam P to begin studying for my next exam. As the summer wore on, my new study material sat mostly untouched and unconsidered while I whiled away my time at the beach.

I’m sure countless other actuarial students like myself have reasoned putting off valuable study time by saying “I’ll just wait until my class starts in the fall.” I have discovered that there is another “P” I had to conquer and its called procrastination.

Procrastination strikes all students at one time or another, but when trying to break into the difficult field of actuarial science – it is important to continue studying with constant vigilance against procrastination. There are many forms of procrastination; sometimes it is simply the fear of the difficulty of the next topic, other times it could be that one simply doesn’t have the time of day due to another obligation. It is important to develop time management skills to pass any of the actuarial exams and also to succeed while in college.

One ought to schedule study time and dedicate hours solely to improving his or her understanding of the material on the next exam. This method is crucial to performing well enough to pass any actuarial exams. Avoid putting off studying; dedicating time to your exams will pay off in the long run. It is certainly hard to realize as a college student, but actuarial exams will determine the pace of your career.

When studying for my Probability exam, I would get excited for my study sessions. It is important to harbor that thrill of learning new and exciting material. There truly can be really thought-changing things that come up in your material that make you look at the world differently.

The actuarial student wins twice: exams passed & a new perspective on the world. Nevertheless, find what works for you to get over your procrastination and hit those books, you will definitely thank yourself later. There is nothing more rewarding than passing an actuarial exam after taking the risk of dedicating three hundred plus hours to an exam that sixty percent of test takers fail.

Now I think its time to start studying for Financial Mathematics!