Crunch Time

Written by Laura Bass:0b53e31

With about a month to go before MLC, I am sure lots of people were feeling the pressure. I started studying back in May with my copy of the 13th edition ASM manual and an Adapt Earned Level of 1.7 (I did REALLY bad on the first two diagnostic exams I took). My past blog post dealt with study habits that I’ve developed and adopted from other blog posts.

Since then, Google has ended support for many “old browsers,” MasterChef is holding auditions for its sixth season while its fifth season is wrapping up, and my three-year-old MacBook Pro has taken its final beating and given up on me.

Furthermore, I  read the entire manual, attempted about 1/3 of the questions in it, and brought my Adapt Earned Level up to 7.15! I felt very confident and proud of how far I had come. Big shout out to Abraham for patiently answering my many questions.

But I wasn’t done yet….I still had all the Coaching Actuaries Written Answer questions to work on, the additional 2/3 of the ASM manual, the practice exams in the ASM manual, and an Adapt bank full of practice questions I haven’t even touched yet. With a regular, rigorous study schedule, I kept faith I would pass the Fall’s MLC exam.

However, studying isn’t all we have going on now. Many of us have school and/or work to balance, a family to attend to, and a job search to tackle. I have my spreadsheet of companies so I can keep track of the jobs I am interested in and the applications I have sent out. I also have an alarm set so I can get my regular dose of Too Cute every Saturday.

How did you spend your last few weeks studying and preparing for the exam? Is there any tool, tip, or trick you think I am missing that might have helped me prepare? What other projects were you balancing? How do you handle the job search?

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