Coaching Actuaries: Getting Your Money’s Worth

Written by Ali Ball:

Many of my friends will tell you that I like to get my money’s worth and some would even say I’m cheap. I would have to agree with them. I’m a broke college student so “pinching the penny” isn’t even the half of it. Without a doubt, though, the Coaching Actuaries program was worth every cent. It definitely played a major role in the passing of my exam. These are my tips on how to get the most out of your subscription.

  1. Choose the right package. How long do you plan on studying? A month? Two months? Do you need to take a class to refresh before studying? The Coaching Actuaries website has many options ranging from the eBook to the Deluxe eCourse for students. One great thing about any purchase is that current students get a discount. Many purchase the Adapt online study aid for 7 days, 15 days, 30 days (like me), 60 days. or 120 days, while others chose to take the online course to learn (or relearn) the concepts that will appear on their test.
  2. Know what your purchase is capable of. I was pleasantly surprised to see what was included in my 30-day version. I was able to create a schedule based on amount of time before the date of my exam and how quickly I would need to go through the sections. Staying on track with this schedule made it easy to review all of the material. It even gives you days off to refresh your brain. On top of this great feature, Adapt lets you know your probability of passing. With the earned levels, you can see where you stand and progress made. Lastly, another important feature would be the formula sheet. It allowed me to easily make note cards and memorize an abundance of formulas at my own pace.
  3. Use your purchase. The program is pretty straightforward when planning on taking a quiz or practice exam. Click on “take a quiz”, choose your section (or maybe multiple sections or all), select your difficulty, and go. If you want to try a mock test and sit for three hours, then you can practice with this program as well. Choose your difficulty level and go. The program knows the questions that you get wrong and repeats them so that you have another chance to get them right. With the multitude of questions and the repetition of the different types of problems, improving was easy. I’m not always the most tech-savvy person, but this program was easy to figure out and it was easy to improve my skills and to see where I needed to spend more time.
  4. Read the blogs. No, I am not just saying that because I wrote some of them. The tips that other students write are extremely helpful! Information that I didn’t think about before the exam such as calculator techniques and flashcards were in the blogs and helped me that much more to prepare.
  5. Come back and take the survey. This helps improve the probabilities of the earned levels and also helps to encourage other students.

Good Luck and Happy Purchasing!