Free course on R, offered by Coursera

Every year presents more online education opportunities than the last. We at Coaching Actuaries want you to have the best learning opportunities possible, whether or not they come from us.

Coursera put together a good set of classes on data and technology. You will be familiar with the statistical topics such as data analysis and regression models. The technology topics, such as R and machine learning, may be new to you. Unless you need their certificate of achievement, everything is completely free as well. With international travel, moving, and the holidays, this is a busy time for me. I just signed up for the R course and will try to squeeze in the 20 hours for it. Check it out here.

Disclaimer: we have no affiliation with Coursera. Coursera did not solicit us to write a review for them. Advertising revenue isn’t a part of our business model. If we ever do send you advertising, it will be clear.