Finding the perfect study spot


I’m one of those people who can’t study at home. There are way too many distractions and I end up getting next to nothing accomplished – especially when I try to justify naps. Or videos on YouTube. And chatting with my friends on Facebook. Home is just not a good environment for me to study.

For this reason, I happen to have become somewhat of an expert at finding the perfect study spot. I currently hold a Ph.D. in Study Café-ology. As a Study Café-ologist, I make it my business to stay in the know about all of the good places to focus. Here are my findings.

My research has indicated that I cannot study at the public library. The Wi-Fi is slow, the restroom is too far, and I can’t eat food. The library is like a prison to me. It’s worse than if I had stayed at home.

Moving on.

During my many study expeditions, I have encountered numerous foreign and exotic locales. One of these places, the study mecca known as Starbucks, was a frequent favorite of mine. However, being a student researcher, I couldn’t afford the Starbucks lifestyle. I was balling on a budget, essentially, only able to afford maybe one or two drinks per day. This severely limited the duration of my study session.

So I had to move on once again.

I am in love with my current spot. L–O–V–E, love. I think I’ve finally met my match. This is the one. I’m ready to settle and commit. This place is perfect for me.

I love how inexpensive everything is. I can spend $10 dollars for the whole 12 hours that I am there. That’s less than $1/hr! This place doesn’t make me feel like I’m being hustled out of my money.

They play soft indie-ish bands that sound amazing but are not distracting enough to make me lose concentration.

I feel safe leaving my possessions on the table whenever I use the restroom.

Most of all, I adore the small-town vibe this place gives off. As I walk in at 6am, I am greeted every single day by a table of elderly regulars. The employees actually know my name and try to get to know me. This place isn’t just a business: It’s a home away from home. My studying paradise.

I love this place. I feel like we have a real connection. I think it’s getting pretty serious between us.

What’s your study spot like?