ASM eManual now in Adobe Digital Editions format #CANEW

Written by Paul Ireland, VP of Product Management:

My New Year’s resolution is to keep you all better informed on the new products and innovations here at CA, and to do so in a less stoic fashion. So here goes my first attempt – feel free to give some feedback in the comments. This is post 1 of 3 for new updates for February 2015. Watch for the tag #CANEW.

Last year I was cleaning out my parent’s attic and found my high school backpack. The straps were frayed, showing evidence of strain from the huge stack of books I had to lug around. My calculus book, which was the size of a small European car, had to have its own compartment. Just looking at the bag made my back hurt.

A few years ago we at Coaching Actuaries made a splash by offering the ASM eManual – an electronic alternative to carrying around a 30 pound manual binder (a bit of exaggeration…but it feels that heavy sometimes right?). Ya’ll loved the flexibility the eManual gave and your back loved you for lightening the load. (We do, of course, also sell the Printed Manual for those of you, like me, who prefer paper. Just remember: lift with your legs, not with your back.)

But, as you know, our online manual viewer was not perfect. You couldn’t search the whole manual, which is frustrating since we search for everything these days (our #4 most popular keyword from Google is “”). We also know a lot of you wanted the ability to read the Manual without an internet connection, hopefully not to read while driving (CA discourages students from studying or using Adapt while driving). Others asked for features like bookmarking. Apparently memorizing page numbers doesn’t work for everyone.

Well CA tribe, I have some goood news:
Your dreams have come true!

We are pleased to announce that ASM eManual is now in a downloadable, searchable Adobe Digital Editions format that operates on many devices. You can even download it on your iOS and Android devices (I guess these devices are not just a fad after all).

I have to clarify: the Adobe Digital Editions is currently only available for new purchases. I apologize to you current customers. We are hoping to move current online manual customers to the new eManual in a couple of months.

In order to wet your appetite even more, we asked our staff what they like about the new eManual:

Bookmarks (oooh, aaaah)

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.09.18 PM








Search Bar (Yes, searching the ENTIRE manual at once!)

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.10.25 PM








Table of Contents sidebar

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.01.38 PM


















Highlighting & Note-Making (I know some of you will make a big fist-pump in the air over this one!)






As always, we’d love to hear your feedback! Leave a comment below or head to our forums to the thread “Coaching Actuaries Improvements”.