Where did the eCourse go?!? #CANEW

Written by Paul Ireland, VP of Product Management:

(This is post 3 of 3 new product announcements for February!)

Yes, the eCourse is gone from Coaching Actuaries.com. Well, kinda-sorta.

There are some of you who don’t know what an eCourse is. There’s also group of you who are passionate about the eCourse and may be up-in-arms about its disappearance. This post is meant to edify the former group and pacify the latter.

A little history lesson: the eCourse was designed to combine the power (beautify, magnificence, awesomeness!) of Adapt with Video Lessons and the ASM Manual. So the eCourse has always been just that: a bundle of Adapt + Video + Manual. Up until now it was all hosted on our site together as an “eCourse” and it’s helped lot of ya’ll pass your exams.

Now, the ASM Manual is being delivered in the exciting new Adobe Digital Editions format and is no longer combined with the other products on our website. Plus, we now offer the ability to “bundle” Adapt and Video Lessons with a Printed Manual… or no manual.

So in order to offer you MORE product choices, we decided to do away with the “eCourse” product name. We considered having Coach K and Abe do a dance competition to see who would rename it. But to spare everyone the carnage, we just defaulted to good old fashioned “Bundles”.

So for clarification, here’s how to translate the old products to the new:

eCourse Standard = Study Bundle (eManual)
eCourse Deluxe = Study Bundle Premium

And here’s your new bundle options:
Study Bundle (Printed) >> No eManual, just Printed
Video Bundle >> No manual at all

Check them out on the P, FM, MFE, MLC, and C bundles pages.