New eManual is best thing since Electricity (or so we hear)

Written by Paul Ireland, VP of Product Management:

As you may have heard, we launched a new format for the ASM Manual at the beginning of February. Based on your feedback, we wanted to bring you a more effective and enjoyable studying experience. Since 2/2, new purchases of ASM eManuals or Bundles with eManuals now get an Adobe Digital Editions format of the manual.

Students have been really excited about it and given full thumbs up! One student wrote to us:

THIS IS THE BEST THING SINCE ELECTRICITY, no joke. It is 1000000x better than the web version, for simple features such as clicking on a question and going straight to the solution…. I used to have to open 4 different tabs of the web ASM manual, one of the textbook reading, one of the question it self, one for the video solution and one for the paper solution… now all of this is in the ASM ADE edition, great job !

The manual is now exactly one million times better than the previous web version, yet the price is the same! That’s value right there.

In our surveys, students also have mentioned that they like the search-ability, the easy to navigate table of contents sidebar, and the ability to highlight and make notes. Some students do have to spend a bit more effort getting the Adobe Digital Editions software going, but everyone has agreed that it’s well worth it.

Have you been enjoying the new eManual format? Share your comments below!