New VEE Flexible Micro and Macro Courses #CANEW

Written by Paul Ireland, VP of Product Management:

Have you ever had that kind of dream where you’re back in high school and it’s time for your final in Calculus but you suddenly realize you had not done any of the work the whole semester? Or maybe you have the other variation of the dream, where you show up to school and the semester is over and you’ve missed all your finals and completely failed.

I have these kind of dreams all the time. I’m getting sweaty palms just thinking about it.

Well, with our new FLEXIBLE VEE courses for Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, you’ll never have that problem! You can choose when to study, when to finish assignments, and even when to take the final exam. This is ideal for employed actuaries, busy college students, or even aspiring actuaries with strongly independent dispositions. We know you’ve wanted a new way to complete your VEE credits that fits with your schedule, so we’re SUPPLYING what you’re DEMANDING. (If you didn’t laugh at that pun, then maybe you need to take the course.)

Here’s what it looks like:

1) You sign up for the VEE Course of your choosing (or both! Go big! You can put one on hold while you finish the other.)

2) You watch the dynamite videos and read the textbook.

2) You watch the dynamite videos and read the textbook.

3) You complete the 5 assignments – which look surprisingly similar to Adapt.

4) You schedule a time and take your final exam.

5) You pass the course and put up posters of Adam Smith and/or John Maynard Keynes on your wall.



You have 120 days to finish the course (or put it on hold if you need). While the course is quite flexible, there are some things we’re inflexible on, like completing all assignments, reading the assigned book, watching the videos, and passing your final exam.

View pricing and check out video samples here: