C Survey Results for February Sitting

We appreciate all the input we received on the C survey that went out following the February exam sitting. Here are some highlights from students:

  • I thought Adapt was great at helping to develop a rhythm to approaching questions. After using Adapt, I was able to greatly enhance my speed on questions, saving precious time for the harder questions on the real exam.
  • Loved the level of difficulty for each questions. And I liked that you could create your own exams/quizzes on topics you wanted.
  • I think it’s great, definitely helped boost my confidence level a couple of weeks before the exam.
  • Adapt provided exposure to wording of questions not found in other sources, which prepared me for the unique wording style of the exam.
  • I liked that it mimicked the real exam/cbt feeling. It prepared me for the real deal better. Topics were good.

We are pleased to share that 90.5% of our students rated Adapt either Excellent or Good as a study tool. Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.10.49 AM






That being said, 90% of students who reached an Earned Level of 7 or higher passed the exam!

In addition, 80.9% of students rated the C Manual either Excellent or Good in aiding their preparation.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 10.11.30 AM








As always, we will be taking all suggestions into consideration and aiming to make Adapt even better for you. If you have any feedback, please share in the comments below!