FM December Pass Rates

As you may have heard, the December 2014 Sitting of FM had the lowest pass rate on record since 2007. The pass rate was 41.0% (

If you cruise through the Actuarial Lookup stats, the pass rates are normally the lowest of the year for the October & December sittings.

However, 95% of Adapt users who reached an Earned Level of 7+ passed their exam in December.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 1.37.59 PM

Here are some highlights from our students

  • I like the step by step video solutions and the discussion section for each question.
  • I liked that it simulated the real exam so perfectly; it really made me focus a lot more than when I was just doing other sample practice questions. I also really liked how it summarized all the topics and how well you’ve been doing on them based on the number of questions you got right.

  • Adapt is awesome at showing you different problems from each and every topic solved in multiple different ways. They help you understand each problem inside and out.

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