Record-Setting P Survey Results

You know that feeling when you pass an exam? You know, the one when you see that “Congratulations!” message on your screen. And you are just on cloud 9 because the last few months of hardcore, intense studying paid off? Well, I just had that feeling too.

But I didn’t take the exam.

When I saw that 100% – yes – 100% of students who reached an Earned Level of 7 or above passed P, I couldn’t have been more excited! This stat comes from the surveys we send out post-exam week to those who were using our materials to study. It is great to know our products are helping you all Raise Your Odds!

We are aware that there may be some who didn’t take the survey, had a level of 7 or above, and didn’t pass. We want to offer the opportunity for you to speak with one of our actuaries regarding the next step/what went wrong. If that is the case, feel free to email to get a conversation set up with our P expert.

One question we asked on this survey that is fairly new, is in regards to difficulty levels.

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Since we know actuaries love stats, see below for a couple more:

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Below are some comments that we consider the highlights of the survey:


  • I love how adapt really allows you to personalize your studying. I felt like every exam I took was helping me to be more prepared for my exam. It allows you to work on problems of just the right difficulty and the mock-CBT format is invaluable. The video solutions are also amazing! I have now used ADAPT for my first two exams (FM and P) and passed! I know that ADAPT is what has really allowed to me to study so efficiently and feel so confident in test day.
  • Adapt exams were a very good representative of what was on the actual exam. I really liked how achieving the target level of a level 7 would actually over prepare you a bit for the exam. I felt that because of Adapt, my exam went very smoothly.
  • The coverage of material in Adapt was an excellent representation of the exam itself. Numeric feedback from adapt for tracking progress is very helpful.
  • I liked that it used progressive testing to adjust the difficulty level to the user and allow them to grow at their pace.
  • I liked the quantity of questions in Adapt. I felt that I was able to get an understanding of all topics using the multitude of sample questions.


Now it’s your turn! For those who took the exam, we want to know:

  1. What topic was trickiest?
  2. What do you wish you would’ve known prior to the exam?

As always, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section!

We want to thank everyone who took the survey and more importantly congratulate everyone for their hard work and commitment.