If I can do it, so can you

Written by Sebastian Alexander: me2

After 11 months of endless frustration, I passed FM.
Who would have thought, back in May of 2013, when some late night Google research led me to the brilliant decision to be an actuary and rake in the money (“All I have to do is pass some tests!”) I would’ve actually had two exams under my belt.
Back then, with P, I had to spend most of the summer just taking out “Algebra for Dummies,” “Algebra II for Dummies,” “Pre-Calculus for Dummies,” and “Calculus for Dummies” along with their corresponding workbooks just to even begin to comprehend what was in the ACTEX manual.
I’l never forget the day that damned thing arrived in the mail. I was so optimistic and determined. “Sure,” I thought to myself. “It’ll be difficult. But I’m a clever lad and I’ll dutifully pore over it until I’ve mastered every detail.”
It did NOT work that way. I had NO idea what I was looking at. The “explanations” and the notation were meaningless to me. All I’d ever taken was two remedial algebra classes back in community college and that had been many, many moons ago. I failed calculus in college and stopped going halfway through the semester.
Now, nearly two years later, I passed FM. I failed P twice and passed FM on the first try.
If I did it, anyone can do it.
It should be noted, however, that I am one stubborn, one-track minded, persistent s.o.b. who doesn’t know when to quit. 🙂
Coaching Actuaries would like to congratulate Sebastian for being chosen as Adapt Top FM Performer for the April sitting! This is an award that goes out for every exam sitting. The recipient receives 15% off of his/her next Adapt purchase.
The criteria we look at for our top performer includes:
-Having an EL > 6
-Being in the top 5% of the Leaderboard
-The # of Adapt tests taken
-The # of posts in the discussion forum / quality of posts
-Interaction with CA: social media, blogging, etc.