Actuary named best job of 2015

As you may have heard, CareerCast named Actuary as the #1 job of 2015! 1149240_97006475

This is not the first time Actuaries have gotten notoriety for having the best career. Hearing news like this can make all the studying, exams, and frustration worth it. But, what were the factors that lead to this ranking?

CareerCast’s methodology in honoring Actuaries with this title was based off of:

  1. Environment: including emotional and physical factors
  2. Income: including growth potential
  3. Stress: not a lot of travel, physical demand, or work in the public-eye

Ironically, the 3rd, 4th, and 6th jobs in the ranking were all jobs that a potential actuary could choose.

  • Mathematician
  • Statistician
  • Data Scientist

Actuarial options are endless – insurance, employee benefits, and financial services are a few of the different opportunities actuaries have. Knowing that there are different paths in the industry can lead to less stress. Less stress = a happier lifestyle!

The article also provided the following quote:

Tonya B. Manning says she’s “never met an actuary who…didn’t love what they do.” Job satisfaction contributes to the No. 1 ranking of actuary in 2015. 

I am surrounded by actuaries everyday and I can also say that I haven’t met an actuary who doesn’t enjoy what they do.

Use this news to help you push through the hard times. Late nights and skipping a movie with friends? It will pay off. If this doesn’t provide some motivation, I don’t know what does!