Which Adapt Difficulty Level is the same as the exam?

We ask this question on our surveys, as it is part of how we ensure Adapt is an accurate representation of the exam.

Many students ask this question because they want to know which difficulty to focus on being able to pass. But, as shown in our survey data, there is not a real answer to that. Students report anywhere from a 3 to an 8 being equivalent to the exam. This is because the actual exam can contain problems from a wide range of difficulty.

Instead of delivering the one perfect exam, Adapt was designed so that as you progress up in Earned Level you will be exposed to the variety of types and difficulties of questions you could see on the exam. This is why students who reach an Earned Level of 7 typically pass (surveys indicate 90% do). These students have practiced and mastered the the spectrum of possible questions that will be on the real exam.

The real question everyone wants to know and should be asking is: “What do I need to do to pass?”

Based on our experience helping thousands of actuarial students and on our data from over 800,000 exams and quizzes in Adapt, we can recommend this simple equation:

  1. Use Adapt to practice. Get 70% correct to “pass” an exam.
  2. Pass at least 7 full exams in Adapt.
  3. Work your way up to an Earned Level of 7 or greater.
  4. Take the Exam with Confidence.