FM Survey Results April 2015 Exam


That’s the percentage of students who took our survey and had an Earned Level of 7 or above pass their FM exam this April!

Awesome news – congrats to all who passed. Following closely, 79% of survey responders who had between a 4 and 6 Earned Level passed as well.

This time, we wanted to look into time management for the FM exam, so of course we asked a question.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.53.15 PM












For those who took the FM exam prior to April, how would you respond to that question? Do the responses seem consistent with your sitting?

We also asked what students wish they would’ve known prior to the exam. Below are some common answers:

  1. How to calm down / ease nerves
  2. How to pace / manage and utilize time
  3. Allow more time for practice problems
  4. What to bring to the exam (ex: wooden pencil, not mechanical)
  5. More on Perpetuities
  6. More on Immunization
  7. Theoretical questions in general

As you may already know, our Video Lessons for the eCourse/bundle are new, here are the ratings:











Some of the comments we received about the new video format:

  • They really helped explain some concepts that needed just a little more clarification and the formatting was very simple and easy to understand.
  • One of the best eLearning courses I’ve taken in my 17-year career. 
  • I like the video so much because the explanation combined with the visual aids make me better understanding the materials.
  • As a visual learner I found the video lectures helped (me) become confident in the fundamental topics.

So, if you have a friend studying for FM, tell them to check out the Video Lessons!

As always, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section. We want to thank everyone who took the survey and more importantly congratulate everyone for their hard work and commitment.