The 3 days leading up to your exam

Time is ticking down and the moment you’ve been anticipating (dreading?) is almost here. By now, you’ve made dozens of flash cards, done hundreds of problems, and probably experienced a meltdown or two. Jessica

Hopefully you have already done all of those things – yes, even the last one.


It’s okay to experience a moment of frustration and doubt. It’s even better if you’ve experienced this moment weeks before the exam, so that it motivates you to work harder on the areas where you are lacking.

It’s okay to feel this frustrated- but try to get it out of your system before the exam.

By now, the concepts should be already drilled into your head and how to solve the problems should be second nature.

The last three days is for reviewing and relaxing. There is no time for panicking. Keeping calm and collected is key to passing the exam.

Take a practice exam or two under exam conditions. Doing this helps prepare you to see how to pace yourself during an exam. No formula sheets, no snack breaks, and minimal bathroom breaks- treat this as a real exam. After doing so, take a break before looking over the problems you have missed.

Don’t take more than two practice exams a day during the last three days before the test. It might cause you to be over stressed, especially if you aren’t scoring as well as you want to.

When you aren’t taking or reviewing practice exams, go over formulas and flash cards. The key to studying before an exam is to not do anything that might lower your confidence. Don’t over work yourself, but do spend time reviewing.

The day before the exam, I try to relax and get my brain off of studying so that my mind doesn’t feel cluttered when I am actually taking the exam. I try to go out with friends and have fun. I usually find it hard to sleep, so I try to tire myself the day before so that I can get a good night of rest.

On exam day, I pack my bag and make sure that it has my calculator. I may review a bit, but I don’t do any problems. I try to arrive at the exam center 30 minutes in advance (allotting the extra time for traffic, getting lost, parking… etc). Once I am there, I look over my flash cards a final time before heading in.