5 Tips for Internship Success

You’ve landed that coveted actuarial internship. The quintessential summer job that combines great experience with outstanding pay and even a certain degree of fun. First off, congratulations – there’s a reason you were offered the job. Is this the time to finally rest on your laurels and ride out the summer? If your ambitions include working at the company on a full-time basis in the future, it shouldn’t be – making a good impression is key. Follow these five tips and you’ll be well on your way to getting onto the company’s theorized “we need him/her back” list.LZABBOPC51

  1. Be curious. Rewire your brain in such a way that the unknown glows of allure. Throughout your internship, continually attempt to gather as much information as you can by asking questions. Asking the right questions will allow you to learn more, produce better work, and seem far more interested in your job.
  2. Take initiative. Taking initiative doesn’t mean conceiving new projects which you deem valuable to the company – this rarely occurs. You can easily display initiative by limiting the number of questions you ask your leader. Most technical issues you encounter can easily be resolved with a simple Google search or by asking a fellow intern.
  3. Work hard. No explanation necessary here.
  4. Keep the big picture in mind. Chances are, most of your work will be highly technical. It’s easy to get caught up in the details of your work and disregard the high-level effect of your project on the company, which can lead to crucial mistakes. A good start would be to ask your leader to explain to you how your project is impacting the different parts of the organization.
  5. Network. This is by far the most important way to make a good impression. Even the best workers can be overlooked if they do not make themselves visible. This means participating in social events, having lunchroom conversations, even going out for lunch with permanent employees. Develop relationships with as many people as you can and they’ll be begging for you to come back.

Bonus tip: Do not sleep on the job. Oftentimes, the mere thought of your forehead resting on the soft underbelly of your forearm will compel you to release muscle tension in your back and make use of your desk’s supportive qualities… If you manage to not fall prey to this temptation, you’re already ahead of some people. Although you may think I’m joking, I’ve heard such stories and worse. If you happen feel this way on a daily basis, perhaps it’s time you consider other professions. Have fun with your internship and good luck!