Time Management + the Exams Part 2

In our last post we talked about the importance of managing your time leading up to the exam. Now we’ll talk about planning ahead to manage your time well during the exam.

Time Management for Study Time

Create a schedule and stick to it. To make the schedule easier to stick to, factor in wiggle room (in case something urgent comes up) and time for fun. Maybe schedule a day off from time to time. The study schedule on our site is a good place to start. You can find it on your dashboard:

Taking the actual exam is a lot like playing the game Perfection, where you have a time limit to get all the tiny pieces into their right spot. If you take too long trying to find where that crazy 8 pointed star goes, POP the whole board blows and you lose. The same goes on the exam. Taking 20 minutes on a question can kill the exam for you.

Here are tips from one of our coaches, Mike Carmody, as well as other members of our team:

  • Practice questions. Questions, questions, questions! Adapt is great practice.
  • Wear a watch. Take practice exams while wearing a watch and adhering to the time constraints. (Adapt includes a timer as well)
  • Monitor your status on a cumulative basis at least every 30 minutes. For example, for Exam FM you need to complete 30 questions in 3 hours, so you should finish about 5 questions per 30 minutes.
  • Take at least one bathroom break during the three hour session. This takes time, but it is worth it to refocus your efforts.
  • For essay questions, either write your target end time on each question. Move to the next question if you run more than a few minutes over the written time.
  • Focus on passing the exam, not answering every question. For example, if you are trying to average 6 minutes per question, do not spend 20 minutes on a question. Just let it go.
  • Do not stress out about time, instead focus on using the time to measure your pace and encourage you to pass the exam.

Do you have your own tips for managing time during the exam? Share them in the comments!