Using Adapt Effectively

Written by Leo Bird: graduation

When you first get Adapt, do not even think about getting the shorter trails because you should be using Adapt longer than that. I like Adapt because instead of putting a scary looking test at you immediately, it adjusts the difficulty of the tests depending on how well you do. If you get a “C” or better on a test, you will level up. If you get a 50% or lower, you will level down. Also you can get Adapt on your phone for car trips. I wish they had something like Adapt to study for all my classes, with all the questions it has.

Tests are important because they simulate the actual test. They build mental endurance. The exam lasts three hours and you will want to use most of it and doing so many challenging problems can get exhausting. If I truly understand the material, I find that it takes me two hours to do all the questions and I will review my answers and even figure out how to do a problem that previously stumped me.

Quizzes are also a necessary part of Adapt. I like quizzes because they are easy to squeeze into short periods of times, you can focus on your weak topics buy selecting them, and they preserve your score. However they do not build endurance.

Another way of studying is by looking at the tests and quizzes you took earlier. Look at the questions, do the problem in your head, and look at the answer. This is a lazy way of studying and I do not know how effective it actually is, but it doesn’t require commitment and helps review really hard questions. This method would be improved greatly by actually doing the calculations of the problems.

Something that will make double checking answers easier is if you number all of the questions and make it easy to read, almost like you were turning in an assignment for your classes. Show your work even for the easy problems. The actual test gives you 26 pages of scratch paper. I do not know if you need all of them, but it would be a good idea if you chose to space out your work instead of scrunching it up.

After you take your exam or quiz, you will need to review all the questions, even the ones you got right. Reviewing correctly answered questions can uncover alternative solutions. There was even one question where I got the right answer from doing the wrong work. And reviewing wrong questions will make you better.

The night before the exam, make sure you have a good night’s rest. Make sure you are well fed, as I had to take my test at 11 am (an inconvenient time with regards to eating), and go to the bathroom before you take the test. I believe you can go to the bathroom during the test, but I do not think that it is a good idea.

If you don’t pass, don’t despair! Lots of people don’t pass the exams the first time.