P Survey Results May 2015 Exam

Results for the P May exam are in…and they are nothing short of awesome!

It seems that Adapt is the product of choice as 98.4% of survey responders used it! Those with an EL of 7 or above had a 93% pass rate and those with EL between 4-6 were right behind with a 92% pass rate. We love seeing those high pass rates so let’s keep them coming!

Here are some comments from students about Adapt:

  • Adapt is great. Being able to gauge my progress with the earned level is really helpful.
  • Perfect product to test your content knowledge. The scaling difficulty of problems and exams is outstanding!
  • I loved that it matched my skill level as I progressed, and that it had detailed solutions to exams.
  • I liked how they give examples that are similar to the questions that will be on the actual exam. I also liked if you had a question, and if you posted it in the forum that someone would respond within a timely manner.
  • Really brought up my confidence.

In regards to our P manual, we are happy to report that 82.5% of students rated the manual Excellent or Good. Comments include:

  • Easy to read, thorough coverage, effective format.
  • I liked how the manual showed different ways to solve the problem so you can use the way that you are most comfortable with.
  • I liked that it had a summary at the end, it had a video for an example, and it showed the percentage of how much I have completed

Our video lesson users are also steadily increasing!

As always, feel free to leave any feedback in the comments below – we love to hear from our users!