FM Survey Results June 2015

Another FM sitting has come to a close.

Adapt seems to be the way to go as 97% of students with an Earned Level of 7 or greater passed their exam followed by 85% passing at an Earned Level between 4 and 6. Getting to a level 7 is always what we recommend!

The Video Lessons, in conjunction with Adapt, seem to be a key to success. Students loved them, here are some comments from the survey:

  • The videos were fantastic. They were extremely useful and helped teach/clarify a lot of difficult concepts. A++
  • I loved the video lessons!! This was my second time taking the exam and my first time using video lessons. They really helped my visualize and nail down some concepts.
  • The video lessons were comprehensive and easy to understand.
  • They are so freaking good. The best video lessons I’ve had.

If you haven’t tried out our Video Lessons, I highly recommend you give them a go. They can be a nice break from staring at a manual!

One topic that is discussed across all exams is Time Management. We asked our survey recipients about how timing on the exam went for them. Was this consistent with how you felt? Let us know in the comments!

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